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UPGRADE hospitality Excellence

Based on succeful real-life applications of Lean Thinking in hospitality and retail organizations.

The book.
Chapter by chapter

What is this book about ?

This book is many things. First, it is a novel, with characters who might be familiar to you and situ- ations that you will likely encounter in your daily life at work. It is also a toolbox, in which you can discover great techniques ― like Value Stream Mapping, A3 Thinking, Spaghetti Diagrams, 5S, Job Instructions, Standard Sheets, and others ― that will make your life so much easier. Upgrade to Hospitality Excellence is also a set of examples

that will provide you with tips you can directly ap- ply by yourself to your workplace, be it a kitchen, a reception, a pool, a restaurant, a guestroom, a bar, a spa, or an entertainment venue. Finally, for those who are up for it, this book can act as a guide for a Lean Transformation. While the reality you face will probably be far more complex that what you will see in these pages, we believe this book can be a useful blueprint for you. Attaining change is no easy feat; however, like any challenge, it harbors as many op- portunities as it does difficulties.

Chapter 1

Back to the island

Alex arrives in Hotel Taknara

In this chapter main character is reveleaded: Alex. A former hospital director, very succesful in applying lean management in his own hospital.

He's wishing to change life, and moves to Canary islands to take care of the big family-owned hotel: Hotel Taknara.

Alex performs first observations at the Gemba and analysis of the initial situation.

Chapter 2

A difficult first encounter

Creation of the first VSM, from the guests’ P.O.V., signaling the main problems so Alex knows where to start.

First introduction to lean for the team. Basic training in A3, VSM and Spaghetti charting to remove and fix this primary problems.

Chapter 3

Defining value for guests

Together with Alex, the team defines what value is for the guest.

Continue the creation of the first VSM, from the guests’ P.O.V., help signaling the main problems to the team.

Chapter 4

The perfect cup of tea

Start solving problems (A3) that hurt the team to show the effectiveness of the method.

Problems and opportunities are the same.

Chapter 5

The omelet charm

Detect Change Agents who can drive the change Alex envisions.

Standardize processes, stabilize results (with the help of A3s, VSM)a

Chapter 6

The power of pull

Continue the Improvement with succesful A3's. and incorporate the standards.

Chapter 7

Hungry for improvement

Look for talent, incorporate Lean Thinking across the entire hotel

Chapter 8

The study mission in Catalonia

Introduce cross-pollination inside and outside the hotel (learn form other areas and/or organizations)

Chapter 9

The horizontal view

Break down pyramidal leadership structure and start constructing a horizontal one.

Chapter 10

A very hoshin Christmas

Introduction of Hoshin and medium term strategical planning.

Kaizen / continuous improvement